User-submitted reports for Hengill volcano:

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20 Apr 2018, 22:59 (UTC +0) from Near Tungufell (2.3 km WSW from volcano):
Sorry for low picture quality it’s an iPhone camera (public domain)
(*Please note I messed up thre map marker*) It’s probably nothing but I’m about 50 miles away and I can see a weird kind of orange glow on the sky (This is way after sunset) above the volcano (Hengill Volcano, Iceland) And right in the direction of where it’d be, I can see what looks like a small plume of smoke and a bit of a glow where the smoke is. Apparently it’s had 54 earthquakes this week which means it could be quite active, and I saw a small plume of smoke (camera doesn’t pick they smoke up)
(submitted by: anonymous)

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