User-submitted reports for Agung volcano:

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13 Jun 2019, 01:38 (UTC +8) from Amed (14.8 km E from volcano):
CB137B25-3... .jpg (public domain)
At 1:38am 13/6/2019 in Amed, we were looking in the direction of Agung, when the clouds started getting a red tinge, like the sunrise appearing from behind a cloud. Then we witnessed a giant red plume of cloud & magma. It lasted quite a few minutes. There was no noise or tremor heard/felt in Amed.
(submitted by: Johnni Luerzsen)
15 Jul 2018, 22:16 (UTC -4) from from bali dive resort and spa:
Mount Agung (public domain)
ash plume blown into sky around 08:30 local time.
(submitted by: Jeff)

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