User-submitted reports for Fuego volcano:

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19 Apr 2020, 00:24 (UTC -6) from Via web cam:
20200418_2... .jpg (public domain)
I was observing the web came at 11:38 when the eruption occured it lite up the sky I was able to capture a picture with my phone
(submitted by: Andrea Trach)
3 Jun 2018, 23:32 (UTC -6) from Guatemala city:
34365402_1... .jpg (public domain)IMG-201806... .jpg (public domain)
Hundreds of death, piroplastic clouds, lava, mud, a river flooded, debris. Lasted all day. ashes rained all over the central part of the country.
(submitted by: Maria)
3 Jun 2018, 14:52 (UTC -6) from Mxco (35 km ENE from volcano):
IMG-201806... .jpg (public domain)
Lluvia de arena y ceniza.
(submitted by: anonymous)
3 Jun 2018, 00:49 (UTC -6) from Guatemala, Guatemala:
FB_IMG_152... .jpg (public domain)
Volcán de Fuego presentó actividad desde las 11:00 del domingo 3 de junio de 2018, La fase explosiva inició después de las 16:00. A las 16:20
(submitted by: Henry)
26 Feb 2018, 08:53 (UTC -6) from fuego valley:
lava flow on side of mountain. flow is increasing by hour.
(submitted by: angelo ferios)

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