User-submitted reports for Ebeko volcano:

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30 Sep 2018, 01:40 (UTC -4) from Norwegian Jewel near Severo-Kurilsk, Paramushir Is:
Severo-Kurilsk Volcano / Jim Pettitt (public domain)
On Norwegian Jewel cruise ship heading northwest toward Severo-Kurilsk due to medical emergency. Observed in front of ship plume of smoke, steam & ash which dispersed 15 minutes after photo. Date: September 30, 2018. Time: Not sure of UTC time - 1:40 pm local time (9:40 pm US Eastern Daylight Time). Location: N50 36.215 E156 12.2565 at time of photo.
(submitted by: Jim Pettitt)
30 Sep 2018, 03:30 (UTC +2) from Norwegian Jewel East of Severo-Kurilsk, Paramushir (37.4 km SSE from volcano):
Few seconds after begin of eruption (public domain)About 5 minutes later (public domain)
On board of cruise ship Norwegian Jewel on target for Severo-Kurilsk. Like reported by Jim, plume of smoke came up suddenly over deep hanging clouds and raised in the next few minutes. Finally appeared in curious shape an dispersed. Local time was about 12:30 (UCT +12) according to my calculation.
(submitted by: Wolfgang Moeser)

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